Our comprehensive knowledge in constructing and manufacturing ladles for foundries and steelworks is based on a long lasting experience.

The characteristic features of our ladles are:

  • robust design

  • high reliability

  • high service life

Lip-pour, stopper or tea-pot ladles, ladles for crane or fork-lift truck transportation, ladles with or without gear

- we construct, produce and supply all these products in accordance with your individual requirements.




                                             Drive for ladles





Our ladles are equipped by default with self-locking planetary gearings. Its construction is based on long-standing experience and was developed specially for the harsh work in foundries.

The characteristic features of our gears are:

  • they are smooth-running

  • they are self-locking by use of the proved feather brake

  • their rugged design

  • they have a hollow output shaft with involute splines according to DIN 5480

  • they have variable fixing flanges

  • the output stage comes with both-way supported planet wheels axes

  • they are lubricated with synthetic oil (slight oil change)

  • they have generously sized drive shafts

(high safety against a torsion break)


According to the wishes of our customer we also offer ladles equipped with electro drive and remote control. This reduces the foundersí physical load and increases their safety.

Both, the tilting direction and the tilting speed of the ladle can be controlled easily and from a secure distance.

The construction of the drive unit allows to switch between manual and motor drive.

We also offer ladles equipped with compressed air motors.





                                  Pouring devices led on the ground



Pouring devices led on ground rails are equipped with small and easily interchangeable stopper ladles.

The ladles can be unheated or heated with a gas burner.

These devices show their advantages everywhere, where the composition of the melted iron has to be changed frequently or where one has to deal with strong slagging.


The design of our devices make possible:

  • simple, precise and clean casting

  • removing slag and rests of the melted iron by tilting the ladle

  • simple replacement of the ladle

  • pre-heating the ladle outside of the plant

In accordance to your wish, the device can be equipped with a manual or automatic control.